NuBra Review

26 Jan 2017

NuBra Review


I really love NuBra!

This year, I really felt the importance of the NuBra mainly because of the wedding dresses I have to wear. Another reason is because of the bareback dresses I have to manage. 

I cannot manage without the NuBra. To create cleavage, I need to rely on it. Before this, I have known about NuBra but I never really get down to buy the original brand. I bet many of you do not know that NuBra itself is a brand. Many thinks that strapless stick on bras are known as nubra. Do not have the misconception that all stick on strapless bras are NuBras!

Previously, I used many other cheap brands and the quality was bad, hence it affected my perception of the NuBra brand. So, do remember NuBra is a professional stick on bra brand! There is a difference in the material, stickiness and number of repeated wears!


In our lifetime, there are many victories and defeats. NuBra will be the invisible weapon especially to someone less busty like myself. On normal days, I need to rely on push up bras, it is really difficult. With NuBra, I can win the battle!!!!!



This year, I fell in love with tube dresses, hence I got in touch with NuBra. You can't go without NuBra if you want to wear tube dresses. As it is low cut and tight, you can't secretly get away with normal bras. Other than that, only NuBra can create the cleavage effect. I can use it for my wedding dresses. 

Today, I would like share 3 NuBra series with you.


Store your NuBra properly, it will definitely affect the lifespan of your NuBra. The better you care for it, the longer it will last. Plus, you can use the special cleanser. After wash, the self-adhesiveness will restore to its original state. NuBra's silicone is US FDA approved and is equivalent to Japan's LSL skin test approved. It definitely safe for the skin. It will not cause harm to your skin if you use it for a long time (6-8 hours). 

For those with sensitive skin, do moisturize your skin after taking off your nubra to avoid  rashes. However, do not put on any lotion or oilment on your body before wearing your NuBra! It will affect the stickiness!

The silicone type and seamless type are the ones I highly recommend. 


First of all, last week was the end of my engagement, and solemnization. I can't go without NuBra when I wear those gowns. Either it review my front breast or it is backless. Other than NuBra, there are no other bras which can match those gowns!

nubraIMG-20141025-WA0003.jpg nubra1414214517939.jpg nubra1414237560284.jpg

If you wear a bra at this occasion, it will destroy the beauty of it!

nubra10736030_4852136356568_397542423_n.jpg nubraSAM_2514.jpg

If you are wearing a gown and you will perspire alot or habe any contact with water, I would recommend the NuBra silicone series. That is because the self-adhesiveness is strong, the silicone material will not absorb water and the cup is thick. When you wear it, it is obvious that your bra cup size has increased.


The original NuBra brand will definitely have a laser sticker. 



Regardless of your bra cup size, you are recommended to go for one size smaller. 

The smaller your bra cup size is, the more cleavage you will create. No matter you are B or C cup, you can use an A cup size. Of course, if you want it to look natural, just go for one cup smaller will do.


There is a NuBra logo on the bra itself!


NuBra Silicone

It is heavier. It feels as soft as a jelly.


There are how to wear instructions . The sales girl can also teach you on how to wear it. The position you stick it on is also very important. If you put it on correctly, there will be a busty feel.

nubraIMG_6179.jpg nubraIMG_7065.jpg nubraIMG_7016.jpg

This red gown is for my engagement. I have been look forward to this mermaid shape gown as it can display a lady's body shape. Pair it with the NuBra silicone, my gown not only stays in place, it gives my breast a cleavage! A bride do not need to worry about nit having any breast anymore! Other than that, it has some anti slippery function. 


I am so delighted that my breast can create such effect! Strapless, backless, only a middle clasp and problem solved. Indeed an untraceable solution. The self-adhesiveness will not be affected even after perspiring. The edge will not start coming off as well.


I used the silicone type throughout my engagement. I am very happy that i do not have to worry about the gown falling off because of the NuBra's anti slippery function!

螢幕截圖 2014-10-31 07.23.57.png

NuBra's home

The travel case can protect the NuBra from changing shape or dust sticking to it. It is also easy to air the NuBra with it!

nubraIMG_5531.jpg nubraIMG_5533.jpg

It is easy to air dry the NuBra because of these holes. After wash, it prevents the NuBra from direct contact with the air yet it is not completely air tight. You can dry it safely.


The travel case comes with a cloth casing. Even though the box takes up some space, but it helps to prolong the lifespan of the NuBra and it is a great accessory!


The silicone series is the one everyone is familiar with. However, NuBra has various thickness and materials of stick on bras. The following 2 series are the ones I feel suitable for casual wear and to add on some sexiness.  


Seamless NuBra

It is NuBra's 3rd generation product. It uses the latest technology to form a rim-ridge edge. It give the bra cup a better support and a light and invisible feel. Therefore if you are using for casual wear, backless or deep V, I strongly recommend the Seamless NuBra.


Seamless has a few different  series to it. 

I want to share about NuBra Seamless Underwire and NuBra Seamless Push Up

The difference is the Seamless Underwire -> It stays, creates cleavage in the middle and firms up the breast

Seamless Push Up -> The thicker silicone will help to create a fuller look


Seamless Push Up Review

The surface is fabric, the inner part is the self-adhesive silicone. On the lower part of the adhesive, there are two thicker parts to give the breast a concentrated and fuller look. The seamless and rim-ridge edge allows a strongly self-adhesiveness. 

The breast concentration effect is as good. Each bra cup is around 14-18g. Compared to the silicone type which is 86-94g, it is way lighter!

nubraIMG_5540.jpg nubraIMG_5554.jpg

This is my longterm dress. It shows the breast and is backless. I chose the push up type to uplift my breast and create a cleavage. After that, I life up my lower breast to create a fuller look. Closer to my ideal breast shape. The push up padding will prevent the lower part of the breast looking flat, as if it is meatless.

nubraIMG_5585.jpg nubraIMG_5546.jpg nubraIMG_5548.jpg nubraIMG_5590.jpg nubraIMG_5579.jpg nubraIMG_5580.jpg nubraIMG_5592.jpg

Wearing a dress will also require a NuBra. The tight dress will help to enhance a larger look of the cleavage. If you want a party look and to wear this kind of dress, do prepare a NuBra first!

nubraIMG_0875.jpg nubraIMG_7767.jpg nubraIMG_7777.jpg nubraIMG_7789.jpg

Everyone is wearing an invisible bra. I can't lose to them!


The last one to introduce is also a seamless series


NuBra Seamless Underwire Review

Earlier on, the push up type gives a busty feel. This seamless underwire series do not have a built-in push up padding. Therefore it gives a more natural look!

The magical underwire gives a better support.  It helps the breast to concentrate at the middle and it gives a rounder look. Compare to the push up series, it gives a more natural and it is thinner.

nubraIMG_6164.jpg nubraIMG_6154.jpg

It is easy to use. If you want to use a spaghetti top to bring out your feminine side, you can use a NuBra.


nubraDSC06620.jpg nubraDSC06621.jpg nubraDSC06622.jpg

It looks less exaggerated from the front.


The Seamless Underwire can be used when you do not need an exaggerated bust lift! It allows a natural look.


This type of western style, it is bareback but not necessary showing the breast. At this moment, an invisible bra is a need to go with it and not spoil the beauty of the dress!


I suppose many beautiful clothing will require a NuBra to bring out the beauty of it!


I bought the cleanser as well. The self-adhesiveness will be restored after washing it with water and the cleanser. The stickiness will last for a long time. The quality difference compared to the cheaper imitation ones is really huge. The difference is so huge in the after sweat effect and cleavage enhancement!

nubraIMG_6166.jpg nubraIMG_6170.jpg





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