Increase Your Butt Size With The Right Silicone Padded Panties

25 Oct 2017



If you have a flat butt, this Nu Moda silicone push up panties is a must have.

- It is as safe as the safety pants.

- It has a touch like your skin. Hence, you do not need to be so conscious about someone accidentally discover you are wearing Nu Moda Silicone padding 

It’s material is breathable with comfortable seamless design

Suitable for mini skirt without revealing pants marks





- Shapes your body perfectly

- Increases your feminine charm, and turn into a sexy office lady


Many woman has thin and flat body shape or flattened buttocks lines due to long hours of sitting. Actually when you put on the Nu Moda silicone push up pants, it will immediately solve the problem of poor poise.




Nu Moda silicone push up pants create the best body shape this winter with close-fitting skirt.

It makes you sexy and charming regardless of your outfit.


If you ask me how to show off your body, how to enhance your dressing,  you will find the answer you are looking for after wearing NuBra.

The push-up effect by a traditional bra, NuBra can do it too.


Sexy yet not exposed

If you wish to wear strapless tank-tops like a foreigner , with NuBra, you can. You can prevent too much exposure while creating a nicer cleavage and body shape.




Fashion style is all about details.

Take good care of the little details, people around will unconsciously notice you.

NuBra allows you to be sexy.







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