Difference Between The Original Silicone Push Up And Seamless Push Up

29 Jan 2017

Both Original Silicone Push Up and Seamless Push Up is our all time bestsellers. These are best suited nubra for small breast. They give a super push and up your cup size by at least one size! Let us look at the difference of these two.


1. Material

The Silicone Push Up is fully made of silicone. The silicone grade is similar to those used in breast enhancement surgeries. Yup, therefore the material is as soft as your breast and natural looking. There is a built-in padding at the lower half of the bra cups. 



The Seamless Push Up surface is made of fabric. The inner part is made of silicone gel and has a built-in push up padding as well.  



2. Thickness & Weight


(Both are B cups)


Silicone Push Up


A cup: 13mm

B cup: 11mm

C cup: 9mm

Weight: 86-94g


Seamless Push Up


A cup: 14mm

B cup: 11mm

C cup: 9mm

D cup: 6mm

Weight: 14-18g


3. Push up & Cleavage effect

The silicone push up gives a greater effect compared to the seamless push up. This is because of the softness of the silicone which allows more flexibility in wearing it. The Silicone Push Up has a thicker push up padding for A cup. If you are between AA to B cup and wants to create an ideal cleavage, the silicone one is the one to go for. If one layer of NuBra is not sufficient, smaller chested ladies can put a 2nd layer of nubra to further push up. 


I strongly recommend this series for flat chested ladies. It miraculously allows even an A cup to have the cleavage you have always admired. It will UP your bra cup by at least One Size! We received tons and tons of testimonies of how small chested clients just simply love the cleavage results this bra give. Well, it is our signature and bestseller!


Silicone Push Up 

Push up effect: ★★★★★

Cleavage created: ★★★★★


The Seamless Push Up is suitable if you wish to have some push up yet not an elaborated cleavage. Usually ladies who picks this series are the ones with B or C cup and above. I understand some ladies have droopy breast and it sort of makes you look flat. No worries! Watch the video below and it will save your day!



Seamless Push Up 

Push up effect: ★★★

Cleavage created: ★★★★


4. Size & Colour

Silicone Push Up

Size: A, B and C cup

Colour: Nude only


Seamless Push Up

Size: A, B, C and D cup

Colour: Nude, Tan and Black only


5. The Edge of the Bra

Both series have seamless edges. It means when you put on your clothing, there will not be any trace or mark of a bra. In other words, it will be invisible!


Original Silicone Push Up Edge


Seamless Push Up Edge


Featured NuBra:


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