10 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Original NuBra Brand

28 Jan 2017

Do you know that NuBra is a brand by itself. As the brand got famous, all the stick-on bras were slowly addressed as nubra. However, there is a huge difference between the original NuBra brand versus all the other imitation ones.


1. 100% secure. It will NOT fall off after sweating or prolong wear

The Super medical grade adhesive is so good that the NuBra will NOT fall off even after whole day of sweating and dancing around with it. It is so secure and comfortable that you will forget you have a bra on!


2. Increase bra cup size (No boobs -> boobs)

Enjoy at least one bra cup size increased with NuBra. For flat or small chested ladies, good news! The Original Silicone Push Up series can increase your bra cup size or even help to create a cleavage you never imagine. 


3. Instant firm up for heavy/sagging breast

How can my breast be firmed when I can't wear a bra with straps?! Of course you can with NuBra. Instead of wearing it 45 degrees, put it on at 90 degrees and clip the clasp in the middle. 


                           45 Degrees                                                              90 Degrees



4. Corrects uneven breast

The picture below is a testimony by an actual customer and it says it all. One side of her breast was bigger than the other. She was using an imitation NuBra. It looked droopy and uneven. With the Original NuBra brand, the built-in push up plus the correct technique of wearing it, tadaaaa, problem solved! 

Tips: On the smaller breast, wear the NuBra at 90 degrees while on the bigger breast, wear it at 45 degrees. 


5. Natural looking

The NuBra design is such that the texture softness, and elasticity are similar to your skin. The design of bra cups follow the natural contours of the breasts. Other than that, the cups are thicker in the middle and thinner around the edges. The push up series have a built-in push up cup at the lower half of the bra cup. Hence, the lower part of your breast will still look meaty even though in actual fact you have pushed all your meat to the upper part to create a cleavage. 


6. Last more than 70 wears

With proper cleaning and maintenance, the NuBra's adhesiveness will remain strong, even after multiple wears and washes. It lasts up to 70 wears or more!


7. Cheaper base on average cost per usage

A RM100 imitation nubra might last you up to 10 wears (RM10/wear). It might even fall off half way through. The original NuBra cost between RM189.90 to Rm349.90 and last 70 wears or more (RM2.70-RM5/wear). It is actually cheaper after averaging out the cost. Definitely a sensible investment.


8. Safe to be used on skin  

It does not caused your skin to be sensitive. NuBra's medical-grade silicone gel is skin-friendly. The PHA approved gel is clinically safe and tested to be skin friendly (ISO 9000). It is suitable for pregnant woman. 


Careful with using an imitation one. As the silicone gel is made from industrail grade silicone, it will caused harm to your body. Our customer below had black spots and rashes after using an imitation one.


9. Different varieties for all your different needs

The original NuBra brand have different series to cater to different needs. Flat chested, heavy breast, sagging breast, uneven breast, etc. More than 10 different series of NuBra will cater to your clothing needs. Deep V, bareback, off shoulder, you name it. It comes in sizes: A/B/C/D. 


10. Anti slippery function

The NuBra silicone series has a surface which works as an anti slippery tool. Especially for those wearing a gown, it prevents your gown from slipping off. This silicone series is favoured especially by brides who wear their bridal gowns all day long.


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