NuBra Seamless Underwire Review

25 Jan 2017

NuBra Seamless Underwire Review by a Taiwanese blogger

The moment I started using the original NuBra brand, I threw away all the cheap imitation ones. Although NuBra is more expensive, the stickiness and comfort ness it offers are way better. After buying my first one, I instantly bought other colours too. Hahaha. Let us look at the NuBra review below. 


The moment I started using the original NuBra brand, I threw away all the cheap imitation ones. Although NuBra is more expensive, the stickiness and comfort ness it offers are way better. After buying my first one, I instantly bought other colours too. Hahaha.  


It is amazingly good!!!

Every friend that I meet, I will passionately introduce it to them. It got to the extend where my friends thought that I am NuBra brand's ambassador. Nope, I really bought it myself and I sincerely loved it. 

Until today,  the off shoulder top is still popular. I need to put my hands on it regardless what. However, if your bra straps are seen when you wear the off shoulder tops, they destroy the beauty of it. Wearing a tube bra makes me worry about it slipping down. Therefore, I have been using NuBra. 

Especially the bareback dress. Other than NuBra, I rather not wear any. 

I love this type of bareback dress. I will definitely bring it along with me every time I travel overseas. Therefore, other than bikini, bringing the NuBra along is a must when I travel abroad!!!

Last time, I bought the imitation nubra around NT$ 400.It falls off after less than 10 wears. After that, a friend of mine introduced NuBra. She told me its very comfortable and last for many wears. I decided to buy and give it a shot. 


After wearing it once, I threw the other cheap imitation ones away. I bought many imitation ones previously base on people's recommendation. Many of them told me that I can throw them off after 10 wears. After that, I bought many of the imitation ones and they lasted me only up to 3 wears. I had the fear of them falling it off half way and they felt very uncomfortable and uneasy. It felt as if there were something stuck in front of my breast. However because I wanted to wear those peculiar clothings, I had to bear with it. 

After purchasing the original NuBra brand, I became a lover of wearing a NuBra. 

I will sweat after putting it on, but I do not have the uneasy feeling. The self adhesiveness is strong. I have used it for at least 10 times and I do not have the kind of feeling where it will fall off. The stickiness is great. Hence, I immediately bought other colours from the website.  You can get it cheaper from the website. It will be NT$1,000 more expensive for me to buy from the retail store. 


Seamless Underwire NuBra 

My bra cup size is between B to C cup. Upon the sales lady's recommendation, I purchased the B cup. Personally I felt B cup is too large. For you ladies who are C cup and below, I recommend to get the A cup (it is 2cm smaller)

After that, I bought the A cup one and it felt just the size. (For your reference, the internet recommends A-C cups to wear the A cup one)


My first NuBra was Nude colour. After that, I got the black one and it was as useful. The special part of it is that there is a built-in underwire!!!

Yup, you did not hear it wrongly. A built-in underwire NuBra and you will feel safe wearing it. As it has an underwire, you do not need to flip the whole cup up size down to wear it. As long it covers your nipples, it will be alright. 


The most important thing about the NuBra is the self-adhesiveness. It has to be sticky enough so that you can use it repeatedly. The sales girl told me NuBra can be used 90 times. The stickiness will be there throughout the 90 times. I have used it near to 20 times so far and the self-adhesiveness is still as good. 


There is a NuBra logo in the bra. (Please do not mind my NuBra to be a little stained. I have used it for a while)


Before you put on the NuBra, remember to wipe off your sweat and lotion. When you wear it on, put it on 1cm above your breast. That is the right way to use it. Push your whole breast into the NuBra cup and it will create an exploding cleavage. If you are interested, you can refer to NuBra's how to wear instructions. Previously, I followed their instructions and learned from there. 

The Alphabet WB represents the type of NuBra series. 

There is a number code on the middle clasp but I did not notice what it represents. Wait till I purchased the other NuBras, I will find out if each of them have their own number code. 


Every time after you take it off, you must wash it!! If you clean it after each use, the NuBra's lifespan will last longer. It does make a difference. I also bought a NuBra cleanser. You do not need to apply a lot of it. Apply around a dollar coin of cleanser for each wash will do. After the wash, rinse it off with water, clip the NuBra together and hang it to dry. Make sure not to sun it.


After each wash, I will dry it in my room under the aircon. When it is dry, store it back into the original casing. Using the casing will prevent the NuBra from being squash or sticking to each other. You can also conveniently bring it along when you travel abroad.


This year, I bought many off shoulder clothes and will be using the NuBra relentlessly. 



Spaghetti straps top as well, I do not need to worry about revealing my bra straps. 


Bareback dresses will definitely need a NuBra. I will not feel uncomfortable even after the whole day being under the hot sun. I will only realize the amount of sweat underneath the NuBra after taking it off.  


I often put on off shoulder jumpsuits when I travel to the west. I definitely rely on NuBra. 


Many use NuBra to create deep cleavages. However I personally do not fancy that. Only when I use clothing like deep V, revealing cleavage will look nice. I usually use NuBra when there are special fashion which requires it. For example bareback, off shoulder, etc. No matter how a clothing is nicely designed, the beauty of it will be destroyed when your bra strap is seen.

If you are someone like me who struggles to find a good NuBra, I highly recommend this original NuBra brand. (I believe all the strapless bras are known as nubra because of this NuBra brand. 

Above is a little sharing for today. I hope it will help to solve some of your troubles during dressing. I advise not to purchase it at the retail store. It is cheaper online. I sincerely want to benefit everyone. 


*2015 additional notes

Subsequently, I purchased the black, without underwire nude and the breathable Airy series. I recommend to use the Airy series during summer. I feel free after wearing it for a long time and the self-adhesiveness is great. I used the Airy series during my wedding photoshoot. The NuBra did not moved its position even after a day of sweating. 



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