NuBra Beach Review

22 Jan 2017

… Lastly, how do you wear a NuBra with Bikini? If you want a fuller breast shape with a bikini, you must put on this! A NuBra which can be used in the water! The NuBra Beach is no stranger to many of you, hot babes!

Professional NuBra Beach for bikinis! I name it as rice balls.


The NuBra beach is thick on the top and thinner at the bottom. Be careful not to stick it wrongly. Or not, your boobs will sag.


According to the picture, the main purpose is to aid ladies with a smaller breast. That is because your breast will be more saggy wearing a bikini.


NuBra Beach’s self adhesivesness is the best! Do avoid sand going into the Nubra, or not it will lose it self-adhesiveness very soon.


If you do not want to paste it on your body, you can insert it into your bikini. Then, you do not need to worry about it dropping off or sand going into it. The thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom design will indeed help to increase your breast size. 


The result of wearing NuBra Beach. It doesn’t make much difference when I put it on. Putting it on makes my upper breast looks more meaty. However, it feels like my breast was being  pulled down. There is weight to the two silicone. It is more suitable for ladies with smaller breast size. 


This is without NuBra Beach


I personally feel more comfortable not wearing a bikini. Hahaha!

P.S: This pirate bikini looks really good!


My pupils, have you learn up the knowledge? Almost half of the summer season is gone. Quickly grab the remaining days and go party.


Thank you everyone for waiting for me to write this NuBra article. Today, I tried many ways of putting on the NuBra with my friend. However, she said every woman’s breast shape is different. To achieve the best position, you need to practice and make adjustments according to your breast shape.


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