How to firm up sagging/heavy breast with NuBra

19 Jan 2017

In the news, I saw a lady with E cup breast size teaching on how to put on a NuBra. My heart skipped with joy because it shows there are more and more ladies dare to share their inner beauty on the internet.


There is too little information in the news regarding bras. It is part of the reason I wanted to venture into writing this area. I would like to also make friends with Yi Jun. Who knows, I might create a spark and empower more women to increase their knowledge!  When I look carefully into Yi Jun’s article, her way of using it is correct. She also carefully pointed out the areas to take note. As we both have big boobs, I understand the difficulty in putting on a NuBra. If you do not put on the the NuBra using the proper way, your breast will still not look nice regardless of your breast size.


I will use Yi Jun’s NuBra example to present my point. For large breast size, using the fabric type of NuBra will be good. For smaller breast size, you can use the silicone type of NuBra to increase your bust size. If you are using the fabric type of NuBra, just take note on how to use it and you can create a nice breast shape.


Number 1: Use a more powerful bra!! (Seamless Underwire)

The top bra, Featherlite does not have an underwire while the bottom one has. Other than the underwire, the bottom bra’s design is fuller! If you are an E cup or above, you may choose D cup size NuBra. However, I am an E cup and I find that C cup NuBra size is just nice.


Today, I will explain about the featherlite NuBra. I will leave the seamless underwire one for another time. Please take note!!!


Before wearing your NuBra, I hope you take a bath first. Of course, you should not apply any lotion or powder on your skin! Many ladies said they have showered the night before. However, there will be body oil formed throughout the night. Hence, best is you shower before putting on your NuBra! Do not feel troublesome. It is too late if your NuBra falls off.

The non-underwire type of NuBra can be flipped up side down before putting it on. Remember to cover your nipple to avoid exposing yourself. You do not need a nipple cover.


After adjusting your NuBra, remember to take a look at the mirror. Check if both of the NuBra’s high/low position is the same. Both cups have to be on the same length. For those with uneven breast, stick the NuBra a little more outward for the side with the smaller breast.


After the positioning is correct, gently press your NuBra, use your body temperature to strengthen the adhesiveness. Wrap your hands around your NuBra or gently apply some pressure on it. Do that for a minute if you are not in a hurry.


I will first show you how to wear using 45 degrees.


45 degrees

45 degrees is the basic way to use it. If you do not have a sagging breast problem, this way is good enough.


Previously, I read some articles and notice many ladies have problems with their breast sagging. This is when I will use the killer tool. I will be teaching you on how to stick it at 90 degrees!!!


90 degrees

Refer to the picture, you will place your NuBra vertically; leave more space at the bottom of your breast. It is normal to see some meat being squeezed at the bottom.


45 degrees VS 90 degrees


See the obvious difference after putting on a dress. The 90 degrees way not only has a sexier effect, it helps to slim down your body. Even big breasted women can play around with 45 degree and 90 degree. The one on the left is the attractive Samantha, and the right one is the eye-catching Kelly!


Play around and see which feel you prefer.


Everyone has their own way of putting on their NuBra. If you have a better way, do share it with everyone. Who knows you will be on the newspaper tomorrow!!


Another thing to take note is after using your NuBra, you might want to take note on your NuBra being exposed. You do not want to reveal your secret weapon!!!

Summer wear is easily exposed, especially when you bend your body. At this point of time, you can try using a transparent tape and perfect your outfit!!





Suitable NuBra for heavy/sagging breast:



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