How to Apply NuBra and Create Cleavage

18 Jan 2017


I know many girls find it difficult to use Nubra. No matter how they put it on, cleavage cannot be formed. There are a lot of webpages which teach you how to wear it, I will just share my own experience.


There will be a lot of cleavages display in this post……please do not feel disgusted after reading it.


Without a NuBra 


With a Nubra


Sideways without a Nubra



Without a Nubra, the cleavage is visible sideways but not visible from the front. Some guys will assume it is a result of a small breast. To them, the size of a breast is determined by how deep a women’s cleavage is.


In actual fact, most people’s breast will not form a cleavage by its own. Therefore, if you want a cleavage, you will need an enhancer. 


When you put on a Nubra, please take note:

*Sticking it vertically will create more cleavage than sticking it horizontally 


The professional bra wear: Bosslady’s teaching:

The difference between wearing it vertically and horizontally <= MUST READ


*The method which guarantees a deep cleavage

Put on 2 NuBras. One horizontally and the other one vertically. Both NuBras intersect each other like a cross. However, the horizontal one will be a little oblique.

(Wear the 2 NuBras at 45 degrees + 90 degrees)


The following youtube video shows a flat chested guy who can also have boobs.


He uses the method of 2 Nubras on top of each other, but the 45 degrees + 90 degrees method is the most effective!


*Reason for the NuBra not sticking tightly:

I was using too much lotion on my skin the previous night. The NuBra’s self-adhesive was’nt good, it wasn’t sticky enough.


*Remember to get one cup smaller than your usual bra cup size


*Be careful when you choose a cleavage revealing clothing

Deep V will be more revealing than Deep U clothing.

A small opening of deep V clothing will reveal cleavage better than a big opening. That is because your NuBra will not be visible. 


This is a bigger opening of deep V clothing.

If you are wearing this out, you might want to use a transparent tape to avoid your Nubra being seen.



I am sorry, there are no other pictures. This is an example of a smaller Deep V opening. You do not have to use a transparent tape to avoid your Nubra being seen.


*For those who are really really afraid of their NuBra falling off.

If it is not a bareback dress, you can use a strapless bra on top of the NuBra as an extra support


*Practise more

Many ladies do not know how to create a cleavage because they find it complicated. For example, they find that both nipples are far from each other, their breast sagging outward, and their uneven chest and so on. However, practice makes perfect.


Many ladies do not wear a NuBra often. They will only last minute put it on when there is a dinner gala to attend. Then, the cleavage created might not be as ideal.




Recommended NuBra for small breast:



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