Which NuBra Is The Best?

17 Jan 2017

Ladies love wearing hot pants with singlet, showing off their body shape. There are many known stick on bras in the market. Lately there is a popular stick on bra in Taiwan, which enables even males to achieve cleavage. So, which NuBra is the best?

NuBra Review Comparison

1.   1拉拉女神 (Lala Nu Shen): A visible cleavage was created when a man put it on

This popular item in Taiwan known as ‘Lala Nu Shen’, comes with a tied rope in the middle of the bra. It is known as a ‘cleavage magic enhancer’. A male experimented with it and surprisingly created a cleavage! A female model experimented with it and the cleavage created was satisfying, but the self-adhesiveness was weak.

Cleavage created: ★★★★

Stickiness: ★★



2.   波波小姐(Bubu House): Adjustable cup size

Bubu House is another stick on bra brand in Taiwan. Many brides use it during their wedding day. The way to use it is to pump as much air into the bra and then stick the bra onto your body with a transparent sticker. You can pump the air to maximum capacity and your cup size can be increased visually. In addition, you can adjust the air pump to the desirable size, without the fear of creating too exaggerating cup size.

Cleavage created: ★★★★★

Stickiness: ★★★


3.   NuBra: The greatest cleavage enhancer

The previous two stick on bras cannot be exposed to water. You have to use the water resistant version at the beach. The NuBra brand made in USA has a new series, Beach Plus water resistant silicone bra. Stick on both side of the bra and use the transparent clip to clip it in the middle. The model praises the stickiness of the bra and the creation of the overwhelming cleavage. Her breast was so full and overbearing.

Cleavage created: ★★★★★

Stickiness: ★★★★★


4.   V-Max: Thin and Comfortable

V-Max water resistant swim suit nude bra is from Taiwan, with only 1mm thickness. You have to clip it in the middle during usage. The bra creates a cleavage which is not as exaggerating, but uses the thinness as a selling point. When you put it on, it is very comfortable and is suitable for ladies who do not want too much cleavage.

Cleavage created: ★★★

Stickiness: ★★★★


(Maximum points: 5 )




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